Sergeants - give it a shot!

Soldiers of the Wehrmacht

The Treaty of Versailles disbanded the German Army General Staff Corps after WWI. Once again, however, it was the staff system that trained and armed the German military for World War II. Despite breakthroughs in military technology and theory, it was the Soldiers of the Reich who would wage war on three continents. And it was the exceptional training and replacement system that kept the German military capable. By 1943, a typical German Sergeant had over two years of formal military training, considerably more than officers in most armies they faced.

Sergeants Miniatures Game starts with the same raw material available to the German military system. Each soldier has a back story that accounts for his individual skills and experiences prior to the war. This typical citizen then has military training that transforms them into a Soldier. Along the way, they pick up some flaws to go with their strengths, all of which are reflected in the Soldiers cards.