SMG - Brecourt Manor

The latest expansion for Day of Days, Brécourt Manor lets you recreate exciting battles. Click here to learn more. $49.95

Brawling Battleships

In August 1914, following a massive arms race on land and sea. Click here to learn more. $24.95

SDD - D-Day Sergeants Board Game

On June 6, 1944, US Airborne Divisions parachuted into Normandy. Click here to learn more. $69.95

Sergeants Hell On Wheels

Sergeants Hell on Wheels introduces vehicles to the world of Sergeants!

Sergeants Hell on Wheels is an expansion of the Sergeants skirmish game system. It is playable with both Sergeants Miniatures Game and Sergeants D-Day products. Ranging from troop transports, small armored cars to full-blown Sherman and Panzer tanks, Hell on Wheels drops you into the furious action of armored vehicles in WWII. Players familiar with Sergeants can add a new way to play by commanding a vehicle panel with it’s accompanying crew to battle foes across the current Sergeants landscapes.

The Sergeants Hell on Wheels Expansion comes with rules, game counters, all new Equipment, Story and Character cards. Vehicle Modules and painted miniatures sold separately.