SMG - Brecourt Manor

The latest expansion for Day of Days, Brécourt Manor lets you recreate exciting battles. Click here to learn more. $49.95

Brawling Battleships

In August 1914, following a massive arms race on land and sea. Click here to learn more. $24.95

SDD - D-Day Sergeants Board Game

On June 6, 1944, US Airborne Divisions parachuted into Normandy. Click here to learn more. $69.95


SMG - Map Pack 1 - Roads and Hedges

Expand your battlefield with SMG – Roads and Hedges. Build a more intricate road system for your troops to traverse while surrounded by the thick hedgerows of Normandy. Twenty four additional map tiles allow for extended maps for larger maps and scenarios. Each tile is double sided and compatible with all Sergeants Miniatures Games base games and expansions.

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SMG - Map Pack 2 - Rivers and Flooded Fields

Map Pack 2 – Rivers and Flooded Fields allows players to expand their current SMG maps for even larger scale games. 24 double-sided water tiles further expand options to build an intricate and impassable river system. The reverse features flooded low-land fields to slow down, but not stop, your advances. Map Pack 2 is fully compatible with all SMG base games and expansions.

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SMG - Game Masters Kit

The "Game Master's Kit" helps you run your SMG games smoother and faster than ever before. Each kit is made from the same sturdy and durable material as the SMG board pieces.

The Action Stand works with the Story Deck to help show the action sequence of every turn. Twelve (12) color matching Action Stand counters can be placed on the stand to match the story cards and can be seen even from across the room.

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SMG - Wood Storage Box

Carry your game with style with a vintage look wooden storage box for Sergeant's Miniature Game.

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