Battle: The Napoleonic Wars
Battle - The Napoleonic Wars

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Battle - The Napolenic Wars

The superbly updated and improved version of the classic Battle game, originally published by Yaquinto Publications in 1979. It is many games in one - an excellent introductory war game for novices, a fast and challenging contest for veteran gamers, and a game for both war gamers and family gamers.

Battle - The Napoleonic Wars is one of the best-balanced, most flexible and thoroughly unforgiving two-player games on the market. The innovtive battlefiled system allows players to choose their ground and adjust the armies to account for the advantages in the battlefleld.


  • 120 Wodden Units - Austrian, British, French, Prussian, Russian and Minor Nation units with colorful labels
  • Campaign Game Components
  • 6 Historical Scenarios
  • 7 National Battle Charts
  • 24 Battlefield Tiles
  • Rules of Play - Comprehensive rules of play and supporting information cards

Two players can play a Battle in 30 minutes and a campaign in two to three hours.

Price: $59.95