SMG - Game Masters Kit

Sergeants Miniatures Game Game Master Kit allows Sergeants to easily expand to 6 or more players.
Price: $29.95

Game Master's Kit

GM Kit

The "Game Master's Kit" helps you run your SMG games smoother and faster than ever before. Each kit is made from the same sturdy and durable material as the SMG board pieces.

The Action Stand works with the Story Deck to help show the action sequence of every turn. Twelve (12) color matching Action Stand counters can be placed on the stand to match the story cards and can be seen even from across the room.

The Turn Counter is a compact, double sided counter that can help you keep track of up to 32 game turns.

Six Initiative Order tokens help players keep track of who has initiative each turn.

35 Victory Tokens come in 1, 5 and 10 point VP denominations. Very helpful when players score points from Story events.

80 Action counters for MOVE, SHOOT, LOOK and HIDE. Keep track of your actions when the battle heats up during play by placing markers by each soldier.

16 Encounter markers help you keep track of enemies your troops encounter for Skirmish orders. Place markers on Soldier Cards to keep track who's been encountered.

The Entry Area borders fit exactly as your existing map border pieces. Match them up to the scenario map layout for easy to recognize entry and exit areas. Extra 5 inch and 10 inch border pieces are included for more map building flexibility.


  • 1 - Action
  • Stand with
  • Assembly
  • Instructions
  • 12 - Action counters
  • 1 - Turn Counter with Turn marker
  • 6 - Initiative Order markers
  • 24 - Move markers
  • 24 - Shoot markers
  • 16 - Look markers
  • 16 - Hide markers
  • 16 - Encounter markers
  • 12 - Entry Area Borders (A, B, C - X, Y, Z)
  • 4 - 5 inch Borders
  • 2 - 10 inch Borders
  • 2 - Counter Storage bags
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