SMG - Pontigou Farm
SMG - Pontigou Farm

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Pontigou Farm

Sergeants Miniatures Game Expansion

Pontigou Farm

Pontigou Farm expands play with three typical farm buildings - a two story stone farm house, a small stone barn and a stone equipment shed. Each building has special sighting rules and provide excellent cover.

The ten missions at Pontigou Farm starts with a bare knuckle pre-dawn defense of Pontigou Grange. The story continues with scouting Pontigou Ferme, destroying an observation post, overruning a strong point at the Pontigou Shed. The six player platoon attack to secure Pontigou Farm will have you dragging your friends to the game table.


  • X2A Pontigou Ferme - a stone farmhouse
  • X2B Pontigou Shed - a stone equipment shed
  • X2C Pontigou Grange - a stone barn with a loft
  • 3 sets of 3 Story cards
  • 7 Order cards

Price: $39.95 


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