SMG - Red Devils

Sergeants Miniatures Game Red Devils recreates skirmish warfare during the Airborne invasion of Normady in World War 2.
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Red Devils

Everything you need to start comes in this box.

"Sergeants Miniatures Game: Red Devils™" is a totally innovative but proven system, with the game’s engine run by impulse cards managing four broad, basic functions—and randomizing the order—while each player manages a hand of cards constructed by the talents and foibles of the troops under his or her command.

Unlike many "miniatures" games where you buy the rules and then have to start shopping and painting, SMG: Red Devils™ is a complete game out of the box. You’ll find 20mm, pre-painted miniatures, plenty of thick, two-sided, colorful mapboard tiles which can be assembled in various ways, easy rules, scenarios, player aids... everything you need to get started on your missions and having fun fast.


  • 10 pre-painted miniatures and cards for Sergeants and Private soldiers
  • 160 coated playing cards
  • 12 missions - thanks to our Kickstarter success
  • 18 tiles for terrain and landmarks, for a mapboard of 20" by 30", or be put together in smaller configurations.
  • Rulebook, plastic movement/sighting player aids, and everything you need to get started!
  • Red Devils is a "Story," which includes everything you need for a 2-player game.
    Additional figures can be added to make this a 3 or 4 player game.

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