SMG - Merville Gun Battery

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Merville Gun Battery Terrain Expansion

Merville Gun Battery Terrain Expansion brings an exciting new aspect of hardened, defensive battles to SMG.

The main Casemate is an incredible obstacle to assault with any infantry squad. With a wide field of fire, and being reinforced with concrete will certainly test your assaulting force. Although the strengths of this bunker make for an imposing obstacle, it does have its weaknesses as well. Make sure to pack a satchel full of grenades for this assault…

Also included is a Machine Gun Bunker that is also concrete reinforced to provide extra protection for the soldier’s inside. Being much smaller in size than the Casemate, do not let this Terrain piece fool you, it provides excellent protection from enemy fire. Approach this bunker with caution…

Each can be surrounded with all new Minefield Terrain pieces for even more defensive protection. Crossing these treacherous fields will test the will of even the bravest soldier during the assault.

6 new scenarios featuring Red Devils and Operation Tonga will certainly be a test for any SMG fan!


  • X4A Casemate #1 – Concrete Bunker
  • X4B MG Bunker – a concrete MG Gunning position
  • 3 Pieces of Minefield Terrain
  • 16 Card Deck – Story and Order Cards
  • Scenario and Rules Book

*Requires Red Devils Starter Set*

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