SDD - USP LMG (.30 Cal) Team

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US Paratrooper .30 Cal Team

Sergeants D-Day Board Game Soldiers

The US Paratrooper .30 Cal Team deploys the Browning M1919A4 Light Machine Gun. Capable of sustained long range fire, this powerful weapon is an asset anywhere on the battlefield. Along with a machine gun assistant, carrying ammo and a M2 Carbine, and two M1 Garand riflemen, this team excels at digging in to defend a position, or breaking down an enemy advance.


  • 1 - US Browning 30cal Machinegun armed Standee with base and markers
  • 1 - US M2 Carbine w/ Ammo armed Standee with base and markers
  • 2 - US M1 Garand armed Standee with bases and markers
  • 4 - sets of Soldier, Core and Rank Cards (8 cards)

*Requires Sergeants D-Day Board Game*

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