SHOW - M4A1 Sherman

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M4A1 Sherman

The Sherman M4A1, M4A2 and M4A3 where the workhorse vehicles of the US Army. Capable of engaging enemy guns, infantry and buildings with equal ease, the Sherman 75 saw a great deal of action.

The Sergeants Hell on Wheels Vehicle Modules are playable with either Sergeants D-Day or Sergeants Miniatures Game. The M4A1 Sherman Vehicle Module requires Sergeants Hell on Wheels for play.

Average Vehicle 68 VP
Number of Crew 5
Average Crew Total 18 VP

The M4A1 Vehicle Module comes with:

  • Vehicle Tactics Panel - cut into 6 parts for easy storage.
  • 64 cards for the 5 crew with their action cards and special training cards.
  • 32 cards for the vehicle itself and various tactics cards as options
  • Vehicle Flats - to use for play with Sergeants D-Day: In Action, Burning and Knocked Out
  • Sighting Markers for the vehicles crew sighting targets.
  • Status Markers for "dismounted" crew and "unbuttoned" hatches

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