Brawling Battleships
Brawling Battleships

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Brawling Battleships

In August 1914, following a massive arms race on land and sea, the great world powers went to war. The Great War saw huge fleets of the new dreadnought battleships and battlecruisers put to sea to achieve naval dominance of the worlds oceans.

Brawling Battleships Steel is a fast paced card game where you get to sink as many of these majestic ships as possible. Everyone is out gunning for your dreadnoughts and they are using every trick and weapon imaginible to sink them: Zeppilins, coastal forts, submarines, old pre-dreadnoughts, Mata Hari and many more zany and unusual dangers. Not to mention the withering fire from the enemy dreadnoughts themselves.


  • The Dreadnought Deck - 64 different dreadnoughts from 14 different countries
  • The Playing Deck - 112 cards for attacking and defending the big ships
  • Color Rules
  • Markers for Fire and Bridge Hits
  • Two six sided Dice

Brawling Battleships Steel is a game for 2 to 6 players.

Price: $24.95