Sergeants Hell on Wheels is Rolling

Sergeatns Hell on Wheels

I am happy to say that Hell on Wheels is shipping. We have cleared our backorders and have fulfilled all but the last of our Sergeants D-Day Kickstarter commitments. We still have ahead our King Tiger and Pershing commitments, but those vehicle designs are still working through engineering and manufacturing.

Perfecting new manufacturing techniques is something the has taken us on a decade long road of customized games, unique components and industrial craftsmanship - all done in the USA. Our models are US designed and our manufacturing techniques US based. We are not flawless in those abilities to forge this unique value, but we make corrections to problems as we find them and stick to our goal of quality when things go wrong. Sometimes that leads to us working through the fixes in the background to insure we have the fix, before talking about the product - such was the case with Sergeants Hell on Wheels. But now those production, shipping, and other challenges are solved and we are ready to roll.

Sergeants Hell on Wheels has more art in it than almost all other game expansions that have been done by Lost Battalion Publishing: 300 original illustrations just for the first 6 vehicles. Both crews and vehicles demanded original illustrations. But even though the demand for art has increased, we believe that the quality of our art has only gotten better as we have progressed. I also want to take a moment to publicly thank Becky and her staff for the excellent results achieved in Sergeants Hell on Wheels.

Here are just a few of my favorite images.