British Soldiers

The 6th Airborne division was one of the more ironically known units in WWII. Well known from the epic war film, “A Bridge too Far” and the historically successful capture of their namesake, Pegasus Bridge; these soldiers were some of the best Britain had to offer. Dropping behind enemy lines to disrupt and secure critical objectives; these soldiers are reliable and steadfast.

Armed with Lee Enfield rifles, Bren and Sten guns, PIATs, and rifle grenades, this mobile unit is a force to be reckoned!

SMG - CWP Airborne Team
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Sergeants Commonwealth Parachute Infantry Bren Team
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Sergeants Red Devils 2inch Mortar witha 2 man crew.
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Sergeants Red Devils Pathfinder Commandoes
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Sergeants Red Devils PIAT 2 man section.
Price: $19.95
Sergeants Red Devils Sten leader.
Price: $11.95
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SMG - Prepared Positions

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