Sergeants - give it a shot!

Soldiers of the Commonwealth

The British Regimental System, used throughout the Commonwealth, is an ingenious holdover from the age of Marlborough. The idea that each regiment would raise and train its own troops seemed archaic in the twentieth century. On paper, each section of a platoon was 12 men, but in practice it was 9 or 10 depending on the unit and circumstances. So, at every level, field strength was slightly less than paper strength, due to replacements, refitting and retraining. Even so, the slow but steady stream of well-trained replacements continued from the regiments, and given time, all units in the British Army regained strength. More importantly, they gained and retained valuable experience.

Sergeants Miniatures Game honors the regimental system when creating British Soldiers. We start with a citizen of the crown from across the empire, and add military training from the regiment.