Sergeants Miniatures Game

Sergeants Miniatures Game is Sergeants with all the richness of the soldiers, story and tactics, but adds in X-Terrain, our fully integrated terrain. In Sergeants Miniatures Game "SMG" you play Sergeants in that last moment of close action where mere moments can change the course of the game, and success of your mission. It is this close action that puts you in the boots of the soldiers you are leading.

SMG is a card driven miniatures game

Skirmish Battles in Miniatures

All SMG soldiers are all ready painted and can be ready to play in just a few moments after opening the package - and they look great. We start with a 20mm scale pewter casting, hand paint it to table top quality here in the US. then we put three coats of finish to protect the soldier for years of play.

Story driven gaming

But that is just the beginning, we then generate the soldiers cards, based on his unique skills and abilities, and create a base for the miniature that matches the Soldiers unique cards. All of this is done for Sergeants, Privates and Officers armed with a variety of weapons. No two soldiers is alike, they have different shooting profiles of accuracy at different ranges unique to them. They have their own morale, leadership and endurance. Making each soldier a unique work of art.

After creating such individual soldiers they need a place to maneuver and fight that is easy to explain to your friends and highly variable so you can enjoy hundreds of fun filled hours shooting it out on the fields of Europe. Our map system provides that ready made battlefield. Each tile is made of proprietary materials that are durable to the point of heavy use by heavy gamers. We even shipped the game to England to have it tested in a PUB with the beers setting right on the map. This durable map has the games mechanics for Sergeants built right in the surface of the board. You can play it without charts and teach the game in just 3 turns.