In Sergeants, we have three types of soldier packs – Leaders, Teams, and Specialists.

Leaders comprise of one soldier, his base, and sixteen cards (or thirty-two if they are specially trained). Each Leader comes with three soldier cards of various rank and the accompanying Action cards for that rank.

Team packs contain four rank and file soldiers. Each soldier has a figure, base, and eight cards. Teams are centered around a specific weapon type such as light machine guns, submachine guns, rifle grenades, and several others. These packs are a great way to bulk up your force size.

Specialists are soldiers that received specialized training that prepares them for specific roles such as Scouts, Snipers, Medics, etc. Each soldier has additional Specialist cards that may include Equipment, Story, Preempt, Command or React cards. These new cards add a fun dynamic of play and will spice up your game. Each pack contains two soldiers with a figure, base, and sixteen cards.

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