The unique Soldiers for Sergeants can be added to your game, expanding the play by adding weapons and specialties of training. Each soldier comes with a minimum of 8 cards. Teams are groups of 4 Soldiers (8 cards per soldier), Sections are 2 Soldiers (16 cards per soldier), Leaders are 2 Sergeants (playable at 3 different ranks and each has 16 cards per leader) and Specialist Leaders are 1 soldier each (with 32 cards).

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Brawling Battleships

Brawling Battleships In August 1914, following a massive arms race on land and sea, the great world powers went to...

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SMG - Red Devils

Red Devils Everything you need to start comes in this box. Sergeants Miniatures Game: Red Devils ™" is a totally...

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SMG - Prepared Positions

Prepared Positions Normandy Expansion Sergeants Miniatures Game Terrain Expansion The "Prepared Positions Normandy...

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