Tactic modules for Sergeants add a new level of squad-based play. A Tactics module allows part of your squad to form a team, reflecting enhanced teamwork and communications. These modules require specific Soldier abilities, rank or weaponry to build an organized force with a defined set of Equipment, Command, React and Teamwork cards that reflect new battle tactics. Tactics panels come in a variety of different flavors such as Battle Patrol, Infiltration, Assault Tactics and much, much more. They also may be “mixed and matched” with other panels for a range of possibilities.

Tactic modules change the course of play not the balance of play. Adding them to your Sergeants game experience will deepen the play experience. Not using them against an opponent that is playing with them does not unbalance play; it requires you to change how you play and adapt to their preplanned Tactics.

Each Tactics Module comes with various squad panels, game markers, sixteen cards, and works with both the Sergeants Miniatures and Board Game versions.

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