German Fusiliers

Late in 1943 Germany began to reorganize the standard Infantry division. This was an effort to keep the main fighting power of the division – the artillery – in the field even though the losses suffered made it impossible to deploy all 9 grenadier battalions. As the standard rifle divisions suffered combat losses that they were unable to replace, three of the rifle battalions were disbanded, and the soldiers were distributed among the remaining 6 grenadier battalions. This left excess troops that were sent to the replacement battalion in the division.

But, German officers were highly trained and combat experienced, and they knew that forming a battalion of elite troops in the division would give them an answer to unexpected situations that regularly occurred on the battlefield. These veteran soldiers were pulled from all battalions in the division and converged into the reconnaissance battalion as replacements. In doing this the Fusilier Battalion was born from the fires of combat and necessity. This reorganization affected the frontline infantry squads in an interesting manner.

In Sergeants, the German Fusilier Battalions are a new type of soldier. Much more experienced and better equipped than the German Light Infantry. In addition, all of them have special tactics and skills that are unique to each soldier. Fusiliers have high levels of marksmanship, rapid-stealthy movement, along with ambush and assault capabilities. Because they needed higher levels of staying power in combat they equipped themselves with any useful weapon that served the need.

The Fusiliers are more defensive oriented than regular Light Infantry in the grenadier battalions. And as such they carried many more heavy weapons and usually fielded a 9 man squad when on patrol. A typical Fusilier squad would deploy with 2 MG42 machine guns and several MP40 sub-machine guns. Often the squad would bring extra ammunition. And, highly skilled riflemen were adept at slowing enemy movement with accurate deliberate aimed fire. When the automatic weapons moved into place they delivered devastating firepower to quickly destroy the enemy.

By the time of the D-Day Invasion, the German Fusiliers also took on the duties of adhoc Pioneers (Combat Engineers). If there was a town to hold, or breakthrough to stem, the Fusilier were sent to get the mission done. The German Fusilier bundle gives a squad of unique Fusiliers, each with their own skills, actions, equipment and tactics. And, with a custom leader that you can name, to lead them into their own action filled story in Sergeants Miniatures Game.

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