Sergeants Overview

Sergeants is a World War II, man to man, card-driven, skirmish level strategy game. As a player, you take command of a squad of soldiers, each with their unique characteristics and abilities that come together to form an efficient fighting force.

Sergeants is a unique gaming experience with simple, elegant mechanics that make it easy to grasp and is surprisingly fast to play but also has enough depth that can make the game challenging at times.

It has board game type elements, but it is also card-driven. There is no need for dice rolls or luck that will factor into gameplay when determining whether or not you hit your target or to resolve the damage. All of these are built-in to each player’s deck.

Part of the card-driven action is controlled by a Story deck that regulates the player’s choice of actions for the turn but also has the possibility of a random event occurring. These events can range from things that affect the landscape, the weather, off-board artillery to even rampaging pigs! So, a game of SMG is never routine and provides a new experience each time you play it.

We constructed the playing board with durability in mind. These vibrant terrain tiles are specially coated to stand up harshest treatment and yet, last for years of consistent gameplay. Each piece has relevant game information built right into as well, removing the need for reference charts. Each tile is interlocking and quick to set up. Assemble them to match a pre-designed scenario or use them to create your own!

Your most significant weapon are your soldiers. A Sergeants squad is comprised of individual men of various ranks, training, and inherent skills. By combining different soldiers, you may get a squad that excels in infiltration, great for missions requiring stealth, while another maybe excel in close quarter firefights and hand to hand combat. You can tailor make your team to fit the task or your playstyle.

Sergeants come in two forms of gameplay; miniatures rule set or board game version.

About Sergeants Miniatures Game
About Sergeants Board Game
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