Sergeants Miniature Game (SMG) is a World War II, man to man, card-driven, skirmish level strategy game. As a player, you take command of a squad of soldiers each with their unique characteristics and abilities that come together to form an efficient fighting force.

All soldiers come fully painted to table-top quality and have an assortment of Action cards that incorporate his skills, abilities, and personality. When choosing your squad for a mission, you will put together all of their respective Action Cards to create your “Action Deck.”

Movement is calculated in inches and squares while a soldier’s field of fire determined by his shooting arc. The map board contains essential information concerning the actual terrain depicted on the tile. Moving into or around terrain can be beneficial or treacherous. Always be mindful of your surroundings and continually put your men is the best position possible.

Our X-Terrain brings further depth and exciting gameplay to SMG. These 3-D buildings and fortifications add genuine Line of Sight rules and elevation to your game. From fortified bunkers, wooden farm sheds to towering church steeples these terrain pieces add a challenging facet to the battlefield. Made from the same high quality, sturdy material as our map tiles will last for years to come.