About Soldiers

Sergeants expresses soldiers differently than in any other game in the market. While you may have several of the same “type” of soldier, such as a riflemen; each soldier will have different ranges, victory points, and abilities from one another. Just as in real life, no two soldiers, or people for that matter, are exactly alike. While trained in the same fashion, each soldier's background and innate abilities allow one to excel in certain areas while the other may fall short in comparison.

We express this in such a way that you will be able to have a deeper understanding of each soldier as if you know him as a person, not just a playing piece. Now you can truly lead your men and get the most of each one in battle.

Each soldier has a Soldier card that displays his skill for each of the primary actions used in the game. From how far the soldier can sight enemies, how many men he can rally or how well he can utilize cover. Each soldier is uniquely adept at shooting at different ranges or how far the soldier may move or climb. Each one has different values to express his individuality. Every soldier also has an individual name and dog tag, so no two are ever duplicated.

Soldiers by default come with seven Action cards. He has four Core cards that stay with him throughout his military career. The three other Rank cards express his military training at a particular rank. Some soldiers are called Leaders because they are higher in rank or typically have attributes that can influence your draw size or some other off the board ability.

You can change soldier ranks quickly by substituting their Soldier and Rank cards. Now you can play him at the desired rank.

Putting it altogether

When building a deck for play, you choose your soldier lineup and then combine all of their respective cards into your play deck. From this deck, you will draw your turn, determine what actions you will play, resolve hits, and calculate damage. It is essential when building a deck that you do not overload on one or two types of Actions such as Move and Shoot. While these are the most prominent actions of the four types, try to find soldiers with the right mix of the Look and Hides to offset any imbalance, and by doing so, equalize your deck for a balanced approach. The same thing can be said for damage results and Hit checks. By looking at these values as well, you can get a better idea of your shooting accuracy and also how effective enemy fire will be against you.

Now fall into formation soldier, you have a job to do!

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