June 6, 1944… the Day of Days. The journey begins for the US Paratroopers as they fight against the German Light Infantry, in the French countryside, to secure the frontline objectives that will decide the fate of the war. As commander of your own squad, you will be able to overcome the obstacles ahead by using the strengths and leadership of your squad members to accomplish your objectives. You command your troops to turn the tide of war.

Sergeants Miniatures Game (SMG) is a card-driven, story-based skirmish game that places you in the role of Squad Leader.

Your job is to lead your soldiers to victory, while working with and, in some cases, overcoming each soldier’s unique qualities and talents. As commander, getting to know the strengths and weakness of each of your individual squad members may be the difference between victory and defeat.

Expandable map boards and squads – your battlefield includes the original Day of Days map and the Road to Carentan expansion. The map represents over 8 square feet of geomorphic terrain. Printed on front and back, hundreds of battlefield maps can be constructed.

Hand-Painted Pewter Miniatures

All soldiers come fully painted to table-top quality, ready to go out of the box. Each soldier also comes with a complete card deck used to deck build your squad’s Action Deck.

Each soldier has an assortment of Action cards that incorporate his skills, abilities, and personality. When choosing your squad for a mission, you will put together all of their respective Action Cards to create your “Action Deck.”

Sergeants: Miniatures Game - Day of Days 75th Anniversary Edition is a Sergeants: Miniatures Starter Set and contains the original Sergeants: Miniatures Game - Day of Days, the Road to Carentan Expansion, an additional 2 US Paratroopers Rifle Soldiers and an additional 2 German Light Infantry Rifle Soldiers.

SMG - Brecourt Manor

The latest expansion for Day of Days, Brécourt Manor lets you recreate exciting battles. Click here to learn more. $49.95

Brawling Battleships

In August 1914, following a massive arms race on land and sea. Click here to learn more. $24.95

SDD - D-Day Sergeants Board Game

On June 6, 1944, US Airborne Divisions parachuted into Normandy. Click here to learn more. $69.95

SMG - Command Group

Lead your soldiers with all new officer ranks. Contains 3 USP and 3 GLI Officers Click here to learn more. $74.95