Sergeants Hell on Wheels
Sergeants Hell on Wheels - War Bonds

June 9th 1944 – the 2nd Armored Division landed in Normandy to begin operations to liberate France. Normandy was not ideal for mobile operations and both the Germans and Allies quickly reverted to the tactics of Infantry-Tank teams. The fighting centered on close engagements where the coordination between man and machine was the difference between life and death. Small groups of men were supported by even smaller groups of vehicles. The lessons of teamwork and training that the German Panzer divisions had already paid for on the battlefields of Africa, Italy and Russia left the Allies attacking into a veteran army with outstanding tactics.

Sergeants Hell on Wheels lands you right in the action as a vehicle commander leading your crew in intense close action engagements. Your crew is made up of unique individual soldiers and a vehicle with its own strengths and flaws. This is pure Sergeants game play — easy to setup, play and teach.

What is needed to play Sergeants Hell on Wheels with Sergeants D-Day.

To play Sergeants Hell on Wheels as a board game – you need the Sergeants Hell on Wheels expansion and a few of the Vehicle Modules to play this as a board game. The Vehicle Modules include a top view counter to use in the game. However, if you like driving the miniatures around on the board, we have them too. They are cast in pewter and painted with our 7 step process. The results are durable, add pizazz to your game and are beautifully crafted.

What is needed to play Sergeants Hell on Wheels with Sergeants Miniatures Game.

If you are looking for a true miniatures gaming experience that is easy to play, then add the Sergeants Hell on Wheels expansion to both Sergeants Day of Days and Road to Carentan. Or if you are new to Sergeants, the Run and Gun Bundle is a great way to get the started, and it has everything you need to expand with Sergeants Hell on Wheels. The same vehicle modules used in Sergeants D-Day are used with Sergeants Miniatures Game. They work with both. We have 20 new vehicle modules and 40 new miniatures scheduled through the fall.

What do Sergeants Hell on Wheels cost?

Our 20mm Sergeants Miniatures Game miniatures are made from hard cast resin and pewter. They each have a central mounting post to ensure the model won’t rattle in its container. And they are assembled with rare earth magnets that allow you to pick them up by the turret and the body follows along. We also use them on the suspension where we can. This allows the swapping or removal of tracks…. Yes that allows us to add the components for tracked vehicles in the future.

The larger 10mm vehicle miniatures also use rare earth magnets in the turrets. So you can lift those vehicles by the turrets or body and they stay together. The easy rotation of your turrets makes your intended target hit the dirt. All of our miniatures come with decal and marking sets — already applied — as well as our durable paint and finish.

Sergeants miniatures use rare earth magnets