Scenario 112

Brécourt Manor

Situation Report

Uto. Dreher’s ears have been ringing for a quite some time now since the artillery batteries have been active. After a brief meeting, he notices the area is eerily quiet around the manor. Suddenly, the crack and whiz of small arms fire erupts. There is no way the Allied forces have made it here?!?


US - Sgt. Harrison 022-210, Pvt. Fields 092-795

German - Uto. Dreher 226-912, Gef. Maier 086-966

2 Player Forces

US - 43 VP of Soldiers, Equipment and and no extra Leaders.

German - 40 VP of Soldiers, Equipment and no extra Leaders.

4 Player Forces

US - 33 VP of Soldiers, Equipment and up to 2 Leaders for each player.

German - 30 VP of Soldiers, Equipment and up to 2 Leaders for each player.


Players may purchase 3 additional grenades per 1 VP spent. Players may use Equipment up to 4 VP in value.


Use the Brécourt Manor Story Deck with the following adjustments:

Brécourt Manor - Remove cards: 1-8, 13-17, 35

Day of Days - Add cards: 20-23

Road to Carentan - Add cards: 1, 2, 5, 6


US - Brécourt Manor: 59; Day of Days: 61*, 64* (Enter Area A or C)

German - Brécourt Manor: 61* (Enter Area B, Y or Z); Day of Days: 60*, 63* (Enter Area Y or Z)

Special Instructions

All soldiers that have not entered the board by the end of Turn 4 are removed from play.